WLS Gabler Type Roll M 9" Chewing Gum Rolling & Scoring Laminating Line

Product Description

WLS Gabler Germany Roll M 9" Chewing Gum Rolling & Scoring Laminating Line:

·     Type Roll M 9"

·     NR: 12612.

·     Year of Manufacture: 2000.

·     Capacity According to Manufacturer: 1000 To 1800 Kgs/Hour Depending on Product Format.

·     Last Running Product: Trident Gum Tab Gum.

·     Other Formats for Pellet Gum & Stick Gum Also Available at Additional Cost.

·     Sizes: Pellet Gums 1.3cm X 1.5 Cm Or 1.3 Cm X 1,6 Cm, 0.8 X 0.7 Or Stick Gum 7.2 Cm X 1.5 Or 1.6 Cm.

·     Totally New Control Panel PLC Controlled.

·     Structure in Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel with Scrap Return System.

·     30cm Belt Width.

·     4 Pressing Rollers.

·     Fortress Phantom Metal Detector.

·     Safety Guards on All Rolling & Scoring Units.

·     Fully Automated Tray Stacker & Feeder Will be Included with The Line.

·     A WLS Extruder Jacketed Twin Screw Can Be Supplied with The Line If Requested at Additional Cost


Reference Number: GM23

Product Properties