Theegarten - Pactec EW5/2 Cut & Double Twist Machine

Product Description

Theegarten-Pactec model EW5/2:

       S.N # 821088312

       Machine no. 138

       Year 2001

       Cut & Double Twist Wrapping Machine

       Current Size Format D32x18x7mm

       Capacity Rating Per Manufacturer Catalogue up to 600 Products/Min

       Product Range Dimensions: 19 – 45mm x 12 – 25mm x 5 – 16mm x 11 – 16 diameters

       3xAC. PE, 60Hz, 600V, 4W

       Can Be Set Up on Customer Requirements At Additional Cost

       No Product No Wrap

       Twist Gripper Adjust Depending on Product Wrap

       Equipped With Photo Registration Unit

       Depending on the Product the Machine can be synchronized either with a batch roller and rope sizer (for toffees, hard and soft caramels), or with an appropriate extruder and cooling tunnel (for chewing gum, bubble gum, chewy candy).

Reference Number: TC46

Product Properties