Southern Pumps SP512 Vacuum Pump

Product Description

Southern Pumps SP512 Vacuum Pump:

·Model: SP512

·Type: 2 Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

·Inlet/Outlet Diameters: 50 mm

·Suction Vacuum Pressure Range: 500 to 735 mmHg absolute

·Gas Capacity Range: 275 to 100 m3/hr with respect to the pressure range and at a service liquid temperature of 15℃ - capacities decrease if this temperature increases past 15℃

·Maximum Service Liquid Capacity due to Partial Re-circulation: 32 L/min

·Maximum Service Liquid Capacity in case of direct feed: 50 L/min

·Absorbed Power: 10 to 9 HP with respect to the pressure range and service liquids having specific gravity of 1 Kg/dm3 and kinematic viscosity of 1 cSt – the absorbed power increases with the increase of the service liquid’s viscosity and specific gravity and in case of removing both liquid and gas

·Speed: 1450 rpm

·Total Dimension L: 885 mm, W: 300 mm, and H: 479 mm

Reference Number: AR141

Product Properties