Robuschi RVS 25CT Vacuum Pump

Product Description

Robuschi RVS 25CT Vacuum Pump:

·Model: RVS 25CT

·Type: Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

·Inlet/Outlet Diameters: 50 mm

·Minimum Suction Vacuum Pressure: 33 mbar absolute

·Maximum Discharge Overpressure: 200 mbar

·Maximum Temperature of gas: 100℃

·Maximum Capacity: 4200 m3/hr

·Service Liquid Maximum Temperature: 70℃

·Service Liquid Maximum Kinematic Viscosity: 20 mm2/s

·Contents of Liquid in The Pump up to Shaft Level: 8 L

·Absorbed Power: 22 KW at 50 Hz or 30 KW at 60 Hz

·Speed: 1450 rpm at 50 Hz or 1750 rpm at 60 Hz

·Noise Level at 80 mbar: 76 dB(A) ±3

·Inertia Moment of Rotation Parts: 0.51 Kg.m2

Reference Number: LF15

Product Properties