Stainless Steel Chocolate Liquefier Tank

Product Description

Stainless Steel Chocolate Liquefier Tank:


·      Capacity: 2 Tons.

·      Outer Dimensions: 150 cm Diameter x 155 cm Straight Side.

·      Inner Dimensions: 134 cm x 148 cm Straight Side.

·      Closed Top.

·      Siemens 60 HP Motor with Heavy Gear.

·      It came from Nestle York, UK.

·      It was Designed to Mix Solids and Semi-Solids into A Liquid.

·      It uses Agitation to Properly Dissolve Solids and Semi-Solids into Liquids.

·      It is to Create High Turbulence into The Liquid Mix.


Reference Number: NR010A

Product Properties