Ruffinatti IM30 Kneading Machine for Boiled Sugar

Product Description

Ruffinatti IM30 Kneading Machine for Boiled Sugar:

·It Kneads & Cools single Batches of Boiled Sugar.

·The Working Surface Consists of a Cooled Rotating Table on Which The Sugar Mass is Kneaded by 2 Opposed Jacketed Cooled Blades

·They Fold & Crush the Boiled Mass as the Table Makes 90 degrees Turns. It takes 3-5 Minutes to Run Each Batch Depending on The Temperature of The Water & of the Weight of The Batch (which varies from 25 kgs to 45 kgs).

·Which Means Around 500 Kgs/Hour.

·After Finishing this Process The Mass Becomes Free of Air Bubbles, Transparent Which is very Essential For The Production Of High Quality Hard or Filled Sweets.

·Motor 5.5HP.

·935 RPM.

·Total Width When Blades Opened 3470mm * 1170 mm.

·Total Weight: 2000 Kgs

Reference Number: AR086

Product Properties