PPM Fryer

Product Description

PPM Fryer Year 2000:

·       Capacity around 600 KGS/HOUR.
·       Consisting of:
·       PPM Frigoscandia Thermal Oil Fryer 7M Long.
·       Complete with Hold Down Belt.
·       Lower Mesh Belt 7000mm Long.
·       Mesh Size 21mmX6.5mm.
·       Upper Hold Down 5500mm.
·       Mesh Size 9mmX6.5mm.
·       600mm Belt Width.
·       8 adjustable Heat Ones.
·       Electrical Cover Lift.
·       Filtering System with Oil Return System.
·       Mahle Micro Filter System.
·       PPM Heat Exchanger 5000mm Long, Heated with Thermal Oil.
·       Control Panel.

Reference Number: OR011

Product Properties