Peerless Model SD7 Single Sigma Arm Dough Mixer ( Biscuits and Cookies)

Product Description

Peerless Model SD7 Single Sigma Arm Dough Mixer ( Biscuits and Cookies)

2100 Lbs. Cap, Stainless Arm, Stainless Interior Bowl Exterior Jacketed, Bowl Dimensions 122W*122*143D.
Two Speed Motor 50/25 Hp, 1765/880 Rpm, 460V, 60HZ, 64.2/49.2 AMP, Service Factor 1.0.
Stainless Exterior Covers, (5) Liquid Inlets, (5) Dry Inlets, Ingredient Door, Double End Drive, Chain & Sprockets Drive, 95 Degrees, Mechanical Tilting Bowl 2Hp Motor with Gear.

Reference number: RB31

Product Properties