Maddox Fry Type Extruder Model FCP300

Product Description

Maddox Fry Type Extruder Model FCP300:

·       Fully reconditioned.
·       Capable of producing around 320 lbs/hour (145 kg/hr) of raw collets and around 425 lbs/hr (192 kg/hr) of fried collets.
·       This extruder produces collets so that the length and diameter of the collets can be varied as required.
·       The lengths can be varied by the knife arrangement.
·       The diameter can be adjusted by the handwheel assembly.
·       Ingredients: Degerminated corn meal or degerminated corn grits are typically used.
·       Up to 15% rice meal or 5% soy meal may be added.
·       It has a stainless steel hopper and 25 hp motor.

Reference Number: LT01

Product Properties