J. A. Emilius Granola Bar Sheeting Line

Product Description

J. A. Emilius Granola Bar Sheeting Line:

· Two 45 cm wide teflon rollers driven by 1.5 HP motor and mounted on stainless steel tables each 60 cm wide by 3.5 m long and with belt take off

· Oil drip system mounted over second roller

· 45 cm wide slitter with 12.5 cm diameter blades mounted on 3.15 cm centers with motor drive

· 60 cm servo driven oscillating mechanical guillotine

· 100 cm conveyor connecting slitter to guillotine

· 60 to 80 cm wide motor driven belt spreader

· 60 cm wide by 2 m long discharge conveyor

· New control panel with plc control

· Slitter Output: 14 bars each 3.15 cm wide by 7.5 cm long

· Line Output: 220 bars/min at a conveyor speed of 4 in/min and slitter output mentioned above

· Custom made in USA

Reference number: UJ229

Product Properties