Hacos JD720 Shell Type Chocolate Moulding Line

Product Description

Hacos JD720 Shell Type Chocolate Molding Line: 

·      Manufactured in Belgium. 
·      Installed September 1996 and dismantled on 2004 when Hacos engineers installed a bigger line.
·      The line has been well maintained and is in superb condition.
·      The line is suitable for the production of chocolate shells and to produce solid chocolate articles such as bars & small chocolate articles.

 The line includes:  

·      Infeed section.
·      Heating section.
·      Flood fill section.
·      Vibration section.
·      Turnover section.
·      Scrapping section.
·      Final turnover section.
·      Horizontal cooling tunnel & central control panel. 

The line has an output of up to 12 -  275 x 135 moulds per minute (approx. 200 kilo per hour). 

Reference Number: IR001B

Product Properties