Haas 96 Plates Complete Wafer Line

Product Description

Haas 96 Plates Complete Wafer Line, Capacity 48 Sheets Per Minute.

The Oven Was Extended In 2011 By Haas from 80 Plates To 96 Plates. It Includes:


·      Haas Batter Mixing Station: Batter Mixing Station, Qty 2 Holding Tanks for Finished or Prepared Batter. (Year 1993).

·      Haas Batter Mixing Station: Mixer Batter Station Consists Of: Mixing Tank, 90° Screw Conveyor 4 m Long, Rework Tank and Pump with Motor. (Year 1993).

·      Haas Tank: Cream Mixing and Holding Tank with Agitator Approx. 1000 L Capacity. (Year 2011).

·      Haas 'SWAKT 80' Oven: Wafer Sheet Oven, Capacity Extended In 2011 From 40 To 48 Sheets/Min, LPG Fired, 3x500 Volt, 50 Hz, 16 kW, With 18 Burners, 16 Sections, Oven Plates Set 455mm X 345mm With Heat Extractors; (KIESEL TYPE 3P5 Batter Depositing Pump's Missing), Serial No. 17257. (Year 1993).

·      Haas 'TBK 20' Cooler Arch: Wafer Arch Cooler, Serial No. 17.258, (2011).

·      Haas 'KTV682' Humidifier: Humidifier with Weiss Technik Humidity Machine and Rope Conveyor, Serial No. 117259. (Year 1993).

·      Haas, Wafer Book Packing Station: Wafer Book Packing Station, With Infeed Rope Conveyor and Batter Filling Unit Franz Haas FSTM No:17262, Out Feed Conveyor to Wafer Book Packing Unit Franz Haas APS/TB55 No:  17263, to Outfeed Conveyor to Vertical Cooling Tower, Year (1993).

·      Haas 'KKV 232' Cooler: Vertical Cooling Tower, Serial No. 17266. (Year 1993).

·      Haas 'TB55-26' Cutting Station: Wafer Cutting Station Including Set of Cutting Frames, Infeed Conveyor, Touch Screen Control, Serial No. 17269. (Year 2011).

·      HL 1000 'HL 1000' Lifting Table: Stationary Electric Lift Table Max Cap. 1500 kg. (Year 2015).


Reference Number: GSA01


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