Gabler WLS Triple Screw Gum Extruder and Rolling Conveyor

Product Description

Gabler WLS Triple Screw Gum Extruder Type KM4 With Outfeed Rolling Conveyor Including:


       1 Main Screw 104cm Length, 2 Secondary Side Screws 59cm Each.

       Outputs 200Kgs up to 4500 Kgs for High Viscosity Masses of Chewing Gum

       Control Panel 220/440 VAC, 50 Amp

       Gabler Extruder Dimensions: 162 x 90.3 x 182.5


Gabler WLS (Weisert, Loser & Sohn) Outfeed Rolling Conveyor:


       Type KML, Fdr 71b/4

       Nr: 11553

       Dimensions: 90 x 65 x128

       Conveyor Motor has a Power Output of 0.37 KW, 1380 Revolution per minute, 2 Amp, 220/230V


Reference Number: SO11L (SO11 + SO13)

Product Properties