EW8 Theegarten Pactec Side Fold with Comic Strip

Product Description

EW8 Theegarten Pactec Side Fold With Comic Strip:

·        Cut & Wrap End Fold Bazooka Type Wrapper With Comic Strip

·        Products : Chewy Candy, Chewing gum... 

·        Speed up to 600 products/min

·        Products Dimensions : L: 20-45mm  W: 12-25mm  H:5-16mm

·        Current Format 46x20x6mm 

·        Weight: 1250 Kg

·        Several machines can be operated by one operator

·        Outer wrapper and under strip is fed from one reel and is separated on the machine by means of a rotating knife

·        Photo-electric print registration

·        Wax paper used as wrapping materials

·        Easy accessibility for maintenance and cleaning purposes

·        Automatic temperature control of the sealing units for longitudinal seam and end fold

·        Machine stop in case of accumulation of mass rope or wrapping material troubles

·        Automatic lifting of the heating plates in case of machine stops

·        Built: 2004

·        Serial Number EW8/320

·        Machine Dimensions : 157x118x180cm 

·        Can be supplied in a group of several EW8 machines with multilane extruder and Cooling tunnel 

Reference Number: UN118

Product Properties