Confitech Ruffinatti Model ME. 70B Flavors & Colors Mixer

Product Description

Confitech Ruffinatti Model ME. 70B Flavors & Colors Mixer Year 2006:

·      S.N: 214.
·      JOB: 01206.
·      440 V 60 HZ, 3 Phases.
·      Full load current: For a safe mixing of liquid & granule additives to hard candy batches.
·      Timer controlled operation.
·      Capacity batch up to 70 Kg.
·      It’s used to incorporate flavors & colors into the batch just before the kneading operation.
·      It fits with the Ruffinatti IM70 kneader.
·      It's composed of a column carrying a mixing head & 2 lifting arms covered with Teflon.
·      A protection grid prevents accidental contact with the mixing arms allowing the addition of colors & flavors or other additives through a proper funnel.
·      A safety photocell prevents the arms from moving if the arms spinning bowl is not properly positioned.
·      As the mixer started, the bowl containing the mass is lifted up to reach the working position then the mixing arms are automatically operated.
·      Once mixing is completed the bowl is automatically returned down.

Reference Number: GM42

Product Properties