Comeck Gum High Capacity Ball Forming Line

Product Description

Comeck Gum High Capacity Ball Forming Line, including:

·     Comeck Extruder for Ball Forming Line 4 Nozzles with Press Rollers. (Ref. N36)

·     Comeck Ball Forming Machines 65cm Wide. S.N: 3362, Type: PR650, Continuous Servo Motion Cutting Station with 2 Feeding Conveyors of 215cm Length & 365cm Length, 7cm Width (30 Strokes/Min Each) with 300cm Length, 25cm Width Outfeed Collecting Conveyor. (Ref. GC21/22)

·     Odeco Chilled Cooling Tunnel Of 3 Stainless Steel Perforated Trays (280cm Length, 95cm Tray Width), with Eurobelt Inclined Conveyor (185cm Length, 53cm Width). (Ref. GC23)

·     Line Total Length: 11m

Reference Number: GC23L


Product Properties