Bosch All Stainless Steel Universal Batch Cooker

Product Description

Bosch All Stainless Steel Universal Batch Cooker:

       Fixed bowl 74cm deep. 80cm diameter. With accessories.

       Has high operational versatility in the production of low boiled sweets toffees, chewy sweets, jam & jelly as well as low boiled sugar-glucose solutions.

       Output up to 300 Kgs/Hour.

       Agitator speed 45/90 RPM.

       Batch size 110 Kgs.

       Steam consumption 200 Kgs/Hour.

       2 speed motor 5.4/6.8 KW. 1750/3530 RPM.

       It can be supplied with vacuum pump for gentle cooking under vacuum at additional cost.

       Bars 10.

       Model BKS 0112.

       S.N: 295.2165-2.

       Year: 1995.

 Reference Number: DA59

Product Properties