Bosch 160A Uniplast Forming Line -UN27L

Product Description

Bosch 160A Uniplast Forming Line:


·      #UN251 Bosch Hamac Hansella Model 19h 6-Ft Batch Roller 4 Rollers Fully Upgraded with Speed Inverter Control


·      #UJ256 Bosch Hansella Model 65D 4-Stage Rope Sizer Fully Upgraded


·      #UN27 Bosch Hamac Hansella 160A Uniplast Die Forming Machine Fully Reconditioned & Upgraded with Speed Inverter


·      #TH056 Bosch Hamac Hansella 71E 3-Tier Cooling Tunnel, Air Cooling, First Belt with Spreader at its End, Second Belt Width 58 cm, Third Belt 100 cm Width. Total Length 520 cm. Total Width 130 cm.


·      #EB029 Bosch Hamac Hansella 27D Center Filler for The Filling of Liquid & Semi Liquid Products


Reference Number: UN27L


Product Properties