Aasted AMK 50 Tempering Machine Type F1311/8P/030

Product Description

Aasted AMK 50 Tempering Machine type F1311/8P/030:


       3-zone Tempering system.

       Portable Machine.

       Fully adjustable for tempering any chocolate recipe to the highest quality.

       Perfectly suitable for small moulding or enrobing lines and decoration.

       Holding tank, complete with stirrer etc. that scrapes the tank sides.

       Control cabinet and water circulation system.

       Width 60c. Length: 100cm. Height: 120 cm.

       Tank Volume: 15 kgs.

       Capacity: 50 Kg/Hour.

       230V. 600W. 100 °C. Driven Motor 0.55KW

       Fabr # 8174/0998.



Reference Number: RM06

Product Properties