Universal Pack Beta Q Wet Wipes/Tissues 4 Side Sachet Sealing Machine

Product Description

Universal Pack Wet Wipes/ Tissues 4 Side Sachet Sealing Machine:

·        Model: Beta Q

·        Serial 03P53ES

·        Year 2003

·        Twin lane

·        Sachet forming head by PERFECT PACK

·        Liquids dose: 1.8ml to 3ml per sachet (can be adjusted)

·        Output: 70 cycles per minute

·        Tissue Reel Maximum Diameter: 1.2m

·        Tissue Reel Width: 380mm

·        Sachet Size: 60 x 80mm (length can be adjusted)

·        Twin pack with vertical perforation

·        6-Fold Diemsions: width of 32mm and length of 135mm, Folded 43 x 32mm (unfolded tissue 190 x 135mm)

·        Can also run fewer folds (worked on a 4-fold pack with a small production time)

·        Includes outfeed conveyor

·        Includes two head liquid pump transfer system

·        With Pick and Place unit to place sachets onto packing conveyors (previously two different packing lines were used for different products)


Reference Number: RT31

Product Properties