Tevopharm P5-HS High Speed 2-UP Flow Wrapper

Product Description

Tevopharm P5-HS High Speed 2-UP Flow Wrapper: 

·      Electric eye.
·      Markem 904A coder.
·      60-inch Diameter rotary table feeder. 
·      Round feed table S/N: 30730201.
·      15-Feet long belt infeed with 3 separate speed belts. 
·      1 set of side belts to time into lug chain.
·      5-Feet lug conveyor on 6-inch centers, 4.25-inch wide jaws.
·      Auto film splicer with two paper arbors, set for cold seal film.
·      3 Phase, 60 cycle, 230-volt motor.
·      It was previously wrapping a slim fast bar with a cut-off length of 4-inch and was wrapping 325 bars/min. 
·      Dimensions: width 75, length 75, height 50, weight 800. 

Reference Number: UJ240

Product Properties