GIMA Flip Top Filling & Cartoning Machine

Product Description

GIMA Flip Top Filling & Cartoning Machine:


·      Model: FTC509.

·      S.N: 50930A0.

·      Year of Construction: 2003.

·      Power Supply Voltage: 400 VAC.

·      Frequency: 50Hz.

·      Flexible Cartoning For Countless Products.

·      Counting System Fills 24 Cups Running on To Fill 48 Chain Boxes In Motion.

·      Current Group Size: 75*45*20mm. Managing Up To 300 Ppm and Suitable to Run on Hard Candies, Pellet Gum, Licorice, Tablets, Jellies, etc.…

·      Recently Running on Pellet Gum Products.

·      Equipped with a Gluing Control System to Form & Close the Boxes.


Reference Number: GP05

Product Properties