SIG DTL Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

Product Description

SIG DTL Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine:


·      With Label for Large Tablets.

·      Year of Built 1990.

·      S.N: 510 212 350.

·      High Speed Large Chocolate Bars Foil Wrapping Machine.

·      For Moulded Chocolate Bars with Filling or with Nuts.

·      Speed Up To 250 Per Minute.

·      2 Stages: First Stage Wrapping of Bar with Aluminum Foil from Reel. Optional Card Below or Above Bar. Second Stage Feeding and Folding of Outer Wrap. Outer Wrap from Stack.

·      Continuously Running Infeed Belt.

·      Drying Wheel Allowing Adequate Time for Proper Setting of The Glue.

·      Glue Application by Means Of Ball Pressure Glue System.

·      Continuously Running Discharge Belt. Last Running on Wrapping 42x180x10mm Tablets. Inner Wrapping Material Plain,

·      Coated or Thermo Lacquered Aluminum Foil from Reel.

·      Outer Wrap in Band Label Style or Full Wrap of Paper From Stack. Max Dimensions 165 * 80 * 14mm or 165 * 77 * 17mm. Minimum 110 * 46 * 10mm or 110 * 50 * 6mm.


Reference Number: ST04


Product Properties