Nagema Packaging Line

Product Description

Nagema Packaging Line:

·Composed of 2 weighers/sorters with vibratory hoppers, an up and over bucket conveyor, a vertical, form, fill, and seal machine with vacuum pump, and an outfeed belt conveyor

·Bag pulling method: vacuum film pulling

·Fitted with a neck 11cm in diameter resulting in a bag width of 37cm (original neck diameter is 7cm and can be modified based on customer’s needs)

·Adjustable bag length up to 24cm

·PLC control with touch screen HMI

·Suitable for hard or soft candy, ball gum, lollipop, etc.

·Each weigher has 2 channels and can weigh up to 500g per channel (weight can be adjusted on the HMI)

·Bucket dimensions: 220mm by 220mm

·With Markem-Imaje SmartDate 5 labeller

·Power: 4KW

·Voltage: 380V+N – 3 phase – 50 Hz for the vertical, form, fill, and seal machine and 220V – 1 phase – 50 Hz for each weigher/sorter

·VEB Kompressorenbau Vacuum Pump provides a flowrate of 22m­3/hr, a maximum suction pressure of 60 KPa, and a maximum discharge pressure of 80 KPa and has a rotational speed of 1440 rpm

Reference Number: LHA18

Product Properties