Loesch Chewing Gum Wrapping Line A Type Style 2*7 Sticks On-Flat

Product Description

Loesch Chewing Gum Wrapping Line A Type Style "2*7 Sticks On Flat”:


·      Year 2008.

·      Loesch Pack Logimp Slitter Scoring Unit, Mfg. Year 2008 S.N: K771.

·      Loesch Pack Streifenpack Horizontal High Speed Fold Wrapper, Mfg Year 2008. S.N: K867. Speed Up To 2000 Pieces/Min. Current Tab Gum Size 40x10x2mm

·      Loesch Pack LTM/2-K Horizontal Cartoning Machine, Mfg. Year 2008. S.N: K789. Dual Lane Cartoner. Packing 7 Single Pieces Of Tab Gum In A Carton On Each Lane. Joining 2 Cartons In A Wallet Style To Form A Wallet Of 14 Tab Gums. Supplied with 2 Nordson Gluers.

·      Wallet Dimensions: 100x60x10mm. Capacity Around 120 Wallets/Min of 14 Pieces or 200 Wallets/Min of 7 Pieces.


Reference Number: GP06L


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