GIMA Type FT0513 High Speed Overwrapper

Product Description

GIMA Type FT0513 High Speed Overwrapper:

·     Year 2006.

·     S/N 5134360.

·     Currently Set up to End Fold Wrap Tobacco Boxes or Pellet Gum Boxes of 90x60x20mm High.

·     Supplied with Tear Tape Unit for Easy Open, Double Reel Holder, Automatic Film Splicing, It Ensures Top Quality Appearance of Packages. 

·     Film Type: All Heat Sealable Films, Such as PP, PVC, Cellophane.

·     Maximum Reel Diameter: 300 mm. Minimum Reel Core Diameter: 76.2 mm. Maximum Web Width: 150 mm.

·     Total Weight: 2100 Kgs


Reference Number: GM83

Product Properties