Alfa Thermoforming Kourtoglo Form Fill and Seal (FFS) Model MF24

Product Description

Alfa Thermoforming Kourtoglo Packaging Machinery Form Fill and Seal (FFS) Model MF24:

       Production 25 Cycles/Min, Each Cycle 12 Pieces

       Total Capacity Up to 18000 Pieces/Hour

       Current Shape 12 to 15 Grs Portion Weight

       300mm Feed Conveyor, Twin Filler Hoppers for Two Colors Option, 24 injectors

       Machine # BBC-F24101501, Delivery Date: 04/2016.

       Utilize PVC, PET, PS, PLA & Other Multilayer Packaging Materials

       Suitable for Viscous & Semi-Viscous Products such as Chocolate Spread, Jam, Jelly, Honey, Sauces, Margarine, Butter, Dips etc...

       Power Supply: 12KW. 23 AMPS Weight: 2000 kgs

       Air Pressure 6 Bar, Air Supply 1500 Lt/min

       Built for Chipita Fineti Chocolate Spread Product

       Condition New Never Used

       Made In Greece


Reference Number: GMG28

Product Properties