ACMA GD 780 Stickpack Wrapping Machine

Product Description

ACMA GD 780 Stickpack to Wrap Individual Pieces First and then Collect Them in a Stick of 7 Square Pieces of Center-Filled Bubble Gum.

-     Stickpak Dimensions: 78mm X 18mm X 18mm.

-     Suitable also for Hard Candy of Halls.

-     Last Running on 12 Rectangular Leaf Jelly & Liquorice Products.

-     Individual Pieces 20.3mm Long, 11.55mm Wide, 7.5mm Thick.

-     Stick Pack 98mm Long, 21.5mm Width, 12.5mm Thick.

-     It can be Set Up on New Format Count & Dimension at Additional Cost.

Reference Number: FA03


Product Properties